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A Guide to Wedding Veil Lengths: From Birdcage to Royal Elegance

Choosing the perfect wedding veil is a pivotal moment in curating your bridal look. Veil lengths play a significant role in determining the overall style and impact of your ensemble. In this blog post, we'll explore the various wedding veil lengths, from the short and sassy shoulder length veil to the majestic royal-length veil. We'll also introduce Tessa Kim Bridal, your one-stop destination for veils of all lengths, including the option for custom lengths.

Shoulder length veils

Length: Ultra-Short (20 inches)

Charm: Shoulder length veils are fun and flirty, offering a playful touch to your bridal look. They delicately frame your face and add a dash of vintage flair to your ensemble.

Elbow Length Veils

Length: Reaches the Elbow (25 inches)

Charm: Elbow length veils are a timeless choice, complementing a wide range of gown styles. They provide an elegant touch without overshadowing your dress.

3. Waist Length Veils

Length: Reaches the Waist (35 inches)

Charm: Waist length veils offer a charming and versatile option, enhancing your waistline and drawing attention to your silhouette. They are particularly popular for outdoor and informal weddings.

4. Fingertip Length Veils

Length: Reaches the Fingertips (45 inches)

Charm: Fingertip length veils are celebrated for their graceful and flattering appearance. They beautifully elongate your figure and work well with various gown styles.

5. Waltz Length Veils

Length: Reaches the Mid-Calf (55 inches)

Charm: Waltz length veils combine elegance with practicality. They are perfect for brides who want the drama of a longer veil without the hassle of managing a floor-length version.

6. Floor Length Veils

Length: Reaches the Floor (70 inches)

Charm: Floor length veils offer a dramatic and romantic appearance. They create a stunning visual impact and are often chosen for traditional and formal weddings.

7. Chapel Length Veils

Length: Extends Beyond the Gown Train (90 inches)

Charm: Chapel length veils provide a sense of regality and grandeur. They are ideal for brides seeking a cathedral-like ambiance for their wedding.

8. Cathedral Length Veils

Length: Dramatically Trails Behind the Bride (110 inches)

Charm: Cathedral length veils are the epitome of grandeur. They make a powerful statement and are often chosen for church weddings and formal ceremonies.

9. Royal Length Veils

Length: Fit for a Queen (130 inches)

Charm: Royal length veils are the height of opulence, exuding a sense of majesty and luxury. They are a rare choice, suitable for grand and extravagant weddings.


Wedding veil lengths contribute significantly to your overall bridal look. From the flirtatious charm of shoulder length veils to the opulent grandeur of royal-length veils, your choice should align with your gown, theme, and personal style. Tessa Kim Bridal provides an array of veil lengths, including custom options, ensuring that you discover the perfect veil to make your wedding day a truly memorable and beautiful occasion.

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