Best bridal veil styles for a winter 2022/2023 wedding Tessa Kim

Best bridal veil styles for a winter 2022/2023 wedding

Our top bridal veils for your winter 2022 and 2023 wedding

Winter weddings are special and often filled with romance and whimsy. Choosing the perfect bridal veil for your winter wedding can be tough, but we're here to help! Here are our top picks for winter 2022 and 2023 weddings. Comment below to tell us which style veil you plan on wearing to your winter wedding!

Circle drop tulle veils

circle drop veil

Circle drop tulle veils: These timeless and romantic veils are perfect for winter weddings, especially if you're having an indoor ceremony. Each veil has a seamless blusher that can go with a variety of bridal gown styles. We love this look for winter brides because it makes a statement without taking away from the details on your gown.

Tulle birdcage veils

Tulle birdcage veils: If you're looking for a vintage twist, consider a tulle birdcage veil. We offer these veils in multiple styles, colors, and adornments to match almost any gown and aesthetic. They are perfect for indoor venues, making them a great choice for winter weddings.

Two tier/blusher veils

blusher veil

Two tier/blusher veils: Finally, two tier bridal veils are a classic choice for winter weddings. With their multiple adornments, colors, and lengths, these veils are perfect for indoor ceremonies and can give off a classic look.

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