What is another name for a birdcage veil?

Birdcage Veils by Any Other Name

In the world of bridal fashion, birdcage veils are known for their vintage charm and timeless elegance. However, if you're exploring bridal accessories, you might come across another name for these veils. In this blog post, we'll uncover the alternative monikers for birdcage veils and provide insights into how they allude to the unique character of this classic accessory.

French Net Veil

One of the most common alternative names for birdcage veils is the "French net veil." This name derives from the material used to create these veils. The distinctive netting, often crafted from French or Russian veiling, defines the character of birdcage veils. The term "French net veil" not only signifies the origin of the material but also hints at the delicacy and sheer elegance of the veils.

Blusher Veil

The term "blusher veil" is another alternative name for a birdcage veil. This name emphasizes the veil's purpose as a face-framing accessory. Brides traditionally wear the blusher veil down the aisle, covering their faces during the ceremony. It adds an element of mystery and anticipation, waiting to be lifted by the groom for the first married kiss.

Cage Veil

The name "cage veil" alludes to the characteristic structure of birdcage veils. These veils are known for their short length and face-framing netting, creating a visual structure around the bride's face. The term "cage veil" captures this distinctive design, highlighting the veil's ability to adorn and define the bride's features.

Face Veil

As the name suggests, a "face veil" serves the purpose of framing the bride's face. This alternative term emphasizes the veil's role in adding an element of mystery and allure to the bridal look. Face veils come in various lengths, but the shorter versions are often reminiscent of classic birdcage veils.

Mini Veil

Mini birdcage veils, sometimes referred to simply as "mini veils," are a delightful variation of the classic birdcage veil. These veils are known for their exceptionally short length, often covering just a portion of the bride's face. What sets them apart is their petite and charming nature.

Bandeau or Venetian Veil

The name "bandeau veil" adds an intriguing twist to the concept of birdcage veils. It suggests a protective aspect, akin to a visor shielding the face. This name emphasizes the subtle guarding of the bride's features, creating an elegant aura of grace and poise.

Birdcage veils, known by various alternative names such as "French net veil," "blusher veil," "cage veil," "face veil," "mini veil" and "bandeau veil," are a versatile and beloved accessory in the world of bridal fashion. Each name hints at different aspects of these enchanting veils, from their delicate material to their role in framing the bride's face and adding an air of mystery to her wedding day look. Whether you choose to call it a birdcage veil or one of its alternative names, this classic accessory remains a timeless choice that captures the essence of vintage charm and elegance. If you're considering a birdcage veil, explore the options available at Tessa Kim Bridal, where you can purchase a variety of these classic veils to find the perfect one that complements your bridal vision.


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