How do you style your hair with a birdcage veil?

Bridal Elegance: Styling Your Hair with a Birdcage Veil

A birdcage veil adds a touch of vintage glamour and sophistication to a bride's ensemble. Pairing this unique veil style with the right hairstyle can enhance its beauty and make a statement on your special day. Here are some styling tips to perfectly complement your birdcage veil.

1. Classic Updo:

  • Chignon or Bun: A classic chignon or low bun works wonders with a birdcage veil. Position the veil slightly above or below the bun, allowing it to drape elegantly over the back.

2. Half-Up Hairstyles:

  • Retro Glam Waves: For a vintage-inspired look, create soft retro waves and secure the veil just above the crown. This style beautifully frames the face.

  • Twisted Half-Up: Twist sections of hair into a half-up style and secure the veil just above the twist for a romantic, effortless look.

3. Hair Down:

  • Sleek Elegance: For straight or sleek hair, position the veil just above the forehead or secure it at the back for a chic and sophisticated appearance.

4. Adornments and Accessories:

  • Hairpieces: Consider accessorizing your hairstyle with hairpins, flowers, or jeweled clips to complement the birdcage veil and add a personal touch.

5. Adjustments and Fittings:

  • During fittings, experiment with different placements to find the most flattering position for your birdcage veil, ensuring it complements your chosen hairstyle.

Styling your hair with a birdcage veil can accentuate your bridal look, exuding elegance and individuality. At Tessa Kim Bridal, explore a range of birdcage veils and accessories to complement various hairstyles. By choosing the right hairstyle that works harmoniously with your veil, you'll achieve a stunning and memorable bridal look that perfectly reflects your style and personality on your wedding day.

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