how do you wear a hair clip with a veil?

Bridal Elegance: Wearing a Hair Clip with a Veil

The combination of a veil and a hair clip can add a touch of grace and sophistication to a bride's wedding ensemble. But how can you seamlessly wear a hair clip with a veil, ensuring they both harmonize beautifully? In this blog post, we will explore the art of pairing these accessories and how you can create a look that exudes timeless elegance. Plus, discover how you can find the perfect veil and headpiece at Tessa Kim Bridal to complete your bridal vision.

Start with the Veil

Begin by securing your veil in your hair. The method may vary depending on the type of veil you choose:

  • Combs: Most veils are equipped with combs that easily slide into your hair, creating a secure anchor. For a traditional look, place the comb at the crown of your head, allowing the veil to drape over your face or down your back.

  • Headbands: If your veil is attached to a headband, position the headband to your liking, ensuring it's comfortable and secure. Headbands provide a distinctive and modern look.

Hair Clip Placement

Once your veil is in place, it's time to add the hair clip. Here's how:

  • Select a Complementary Clip: Choose a hair clip that complements the style and design of your veil. Whether you opt for a vintage-inspired piece or a contemporary design, the clip should harmonize with the overall aesthetic.

  • Positioning Matters: Place the hair clip strategically, taking into account your hairstyle and the veil's location. Clips work beautifully when positioned on one side of your head, anchoring the veil and adding a decorative touch. They can also be incorporated into an updo for a subtle yet elegant accent.

  • Secure and Balance: Ensure the hair clip is securely fastened so that it doesn't shift during your special day. Its placement should create a sense of balance and harmony, enhancing your overall look.

Tessa Kim Bridal: Your Bridal Accessory Destination

When it comes to finding the ideal veil and hair clip for your wedding, Tessa Kim Bridal offers a diverse range of options. From delicate birdcage veils to elaborate cathedral-length veils, you can find the perfect veil that suits your style and complements your chosen hair clip. Tessa Kim Bridal also features an array of headpieces and hair clips, allowing you to discover the perfect piece to complete your bridal ensemble. With their commitment to quality and attention to detail, Tessa Kim Bridal ensures that you'll find the accessories that enhance your wedding day look with elegance and sophistication.

Pairing a hair clip with a veil is an art that can elevate your bridal style to new heights. By beginning with the placement of your veil and then delicately adding a complementary hair clip, you can create a look that exudes timeless elegance. When seeking the perfect veil and headpiece, consider Tessa Kim Bridal, where you'll find a wide selection of accessories to complete your bridal vision with grace and sophistication.

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