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Dew Drop Veil Options from Tessa Kim: Exquisite Beauty in Every Detail

At Tessa Kim, we take great pride in curating an exquisite collection of dew drop veils designed to add an ethereal touch to your bridal ensemble. With meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail, our dew drop veils come in various styles, each offering a unique and enchanting allure. In this blog post, we invite you to explore our four stunning dew drop veil options, including light drops, heavy drops, drops throughout, and gathered drops.

Light Drops: For brides who desire a subtle and delicate dew drop effect, our Light Drops veil is a perfect choice. This design features a scattering of tiny dew drops throughout the veil, creating a soft and romantic shimmer that beautifully complements any bridal look. The light drops add a touch of ethereal allure without overwhelming the overall style, making it an ideal option for brides seeking understated elegance.

Heavy Drops: If you're looking for a bolder and more dramatic look, our Heavy Drops veil is a true showstopper. This design boasts an abundance of dew drops cascading down the veil, creating a stunning waterfall effect. The heavy drops exude glamour and sophistication, making it a statement accessory that beautifully captures the essence of your unique vision as a modern bride.

Drops Throughout: For brides who desire a consistent dew drop effect from top to bottom, our Drops Throughout veil is a dreamy option. This design features a continuous scattering of dew drops throughout the entire length of the veil. The drops throughout design adds an enchanting and ethereal quality, perfect for brides seeking a veil that is both whimsical and timeless.

Gathered Drops: For a veil that combines elegance with a touch of playfulness, our Gathered Drops veil is a delightful choice. This design features dew drops gathered at the comb, creating a cascading effect that beautifully frames your face. The gathered drops add movement and charm, making it a lovely option for brides seeking a touch of romance on their special day.

Sizes of Drops Available: To further personalize your dew drop veil, we offer four sizes of drops: 3 mm (X-small), 4 mm (small), 5 mm (medium) and 6 mm (large). The X-Small drops offer delicate and dainty shimmer, while the Small and Medium drops add a more noticeable sparkle. For brides who desire a bold and eye-catching effect, the Large drops create a breathtaking statement that is sure to leave a lasting impression.

 At Tessa Kim, our dew drop veil collection presents a myriad of options for modern brides seeking an enchanting and ethereal bridal accessory. Whether you prefer light and subtle drops, heavy and dramatic cascades, or the continuous allure of drops throughout the veil, our designs cater to your unique style. With four sizes of drops available, you can further customize your veil to create a breathtaking and one-of-a-kind accessory that beautifully complements your bridal look. Embrace the magic of our dew drop veils and walk down the aisle with a radiant glow that captivates everyone on your special day.

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