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Dew Drop Veils: Customizing Your Dream Bridal Accessory

Dew drop veils are a stunning and ethereal accessory that can add a touch of romance and whimsy to any bridal look. These veils are characterized by their delicate, hand-placed beading and shimmering, dew-like drops that cascade down the veil's tulle or netting fabric. If you're considering a dew drop veil for your wedding day, you'll be pleased to know that there are many ways to customize this accessory to suit your personal style and vision.

First and foremost, you'll want to decide on the length and style of your veil. Dew drop veils can range from short and flirty to sweeping and dramatic, depending on your preferences and the style of your dress. A short, birdcage-style veil with dew drops scattered throughout can add a playful touch to a retro-inspired gown, while a long, cathedral-length veil with a dense pattern of beading and drops can create a truly breathtaking effect.

Once you've chosen the length of your veil, you can start thinking about other customizations. One option is the color of your veil. Here at Tessa Kim Bridal we offer an array of colors and even offer custom color ways such as blush and pale blue. 

Another way to customize your dew drop veil is to play with the placement of the beading and drops. Some brides opt for a sparse, scattered pattern of beads and drops, while others prefer a dense, full coverage design. You can also experiment with asymmetrical or organic shapes to create a more natural and flowing effect.

Finally, don't forget about the comb color. We offer gold, rose gold and silver to match your other wedding day accessories. 

When it comes to choosing a dew drop veil, the possibilities are truly endless. With so many ways to customize this accessory, you're sure to find a design that perfectly suits your personal style and wedding day vision. Whether you opt for a simple and delicate design or a bold and colorful statement piece, your dew drop veil is sure to be a stunning and memorable addition to your bridal look.

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