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Do You Wear a Veil on Top or Underneath? Bridal Styling Decisions

Choosing the perfect bridal veil is a delightful journey, filled with various decisions that will ultimately shape your wedding day look. Among these choices is the decision of whether to wear your veil on top or underneath your hairstyle. Each option brings its own unique charm and elegance to your ensemble. In this blog post, we'll explore the pros and cons of wearing your veil on top or underneath and help you make the right decision for your wedding day.

Wearing Your Veil on Top:


  1. Highlighting Details: Placing the veil on top of your hairstyle allows it to frame your face and highlight the intricate details of your dress, makeup, and accessories. It creates a dramatic, statement-making effect.

  2. Easy Adjustments: If you're planning to remove your veil during the reception or want to switch to a different style, wearing it on top makes it easier to make quick adjustments.

  3. Traditional Look: Wearing the veil on top is a classic choice that many brides opt for, embracing the timeless elegance of this placement.


  1. Limited Hair Accessories: Wearing your veil on top can limit your options for hair accessories, as it covers most of your hairstyle. If you want to wear a decorative comb or headband, consider underneath placement.

  2. Bulkier Appearance: Depending on the length and style of the veil, wearing it on top can add some volume to your overall look, which may not be suitable for all brides.

Wearing Your Veil Underneath:


  1. Versatile Hairstyling: This placement offers more versatility in terms of hairstyle and hair accessories. You can wear decorative combs, headbands, or flowers with ease.

  2. Natural Look: The veil underneath placement creates a seamless, natural look where your hairstyle remains the focal point. It's perfect for brides who want a more understated appearance.

  3. Easy Removal: If you plan to remove your veil after the ceremony, wearing it underneath allows for a seamless transition and keeps your hairdo intact.


  1. Less Face Framing: Wearing the veil underneath can sometimes lead to less framing of your face and features, which may not be ideal for those who want a more dramatic effect.

The decision of whether to wear your veil on top or underneath ultimately depends on your personal style, hairstyle, and the overall look you want to achieve on your wedding day. Both options have their unique charm and advantages, so consider what complements your dress, hair accessories, and venue. To find the perfect veil for your chosen placement, explore the exquisite range at Tessa Kim Bridal, where elegance meets craftsmanship. Whether you opt for an over-the-top or underneath placement, your wedding veil will add a touch of sophistication and beauty to your special day.

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