Featured product: Luxe rhinestone bandeau veil Tessa Kim

Featured product: Luxe rhinestone bandeau veil

Introducing a luxurious rhinestone bandeau birdcage veil that is sure to add a touch of glamour to your bridal look. Adorned with sparkling rhinestones, this veil is designed with two hand-gathered combs and Russian veiling, adding texture and dimension to your ensemble.

Our new bandeau birdcage veil is available in a range of veiling colors and comb colors, allowing you to customize it to match your unique style. Measuring at approximately 9" by 15", this veil is the perfect accessory to complete your bridal look.

birdcage veil

One of the most popular styles of veils, the birdcage veil has been a favorite of brides for decades. This particular veil is designed with a bandeau, meaning that it is attached to two small wire combs vs the traditional one comb, which allows it to have a very modern look to it. The bandeau design also adds a touch of vintage-inspired elegance to your overall look.

The rhinestones that adorn this veil are of the highest quality, adding a touch of luxury and sparkle to the overall design. The russian veiling adds an extra layer of texture, making this veil stand out from the rest. The hand-gathered combs also add a touch of craftsmanship, ensuring that this veil is not only beautiful but also durable.

bandeau veil

In conclusion, our luxurious rhinestone bandeau birdcage veil is the perfect accessory for any bride looking to add a touch of glamour and elegance to her wedding day ensemble. With a range of veiling colors and comb colors to choose from, this veil can be customized to match any bridal style. So, whether you're going for a vintage-inspired look or a more modern look, this veil is sure to complete your bridal look in the most beautiful way.

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