How to put on a birdcage veil. Tips and tricks. Tessa Kim

How to put on a birdcage veil. Tips and tricks.

A birdcage veil is a unique and elegant addition to any bridal look. It’s a shorter veil that covers only the face, typically worn with a headpiece or alone. Here are a few tips on how to put on a birdcage veil.

  1. Start by positioning the veil on your head. The veil should be placed just above your forehead, at an angle above your ear or at the crown of the head. Always make sure to secure your birdcage veil with bobby pins. Be sure to use enough pins to keep the veil securely in place.

  2. Adjust the veil as needed. You can move the veil up or down to get the perfect positioning.

  3. Secure the veil to your hair. Always use bobby pins to secure your birdcage veil. These pins can be placed on either side of the veil as well as on the comb itself, if needed. 

  4. Make sure the veil is straight. Check your reflection to make sure that the veil is straight and symmetrical at all angles.

  5. Add any additional accessories. You can add a flower, headpiece, or any other accessory to the veil for an extra touch of elegance.

It is important to practice putting on your birdcage veil before your wedding day to ensure that you feel comfortable and confident wearing it. Remember to have fun and enjoy the process of selecting and wearing your veil.

Birdcage veils are becoming more and more popular among brides, it's a vintage and elegant choice that can add a touch of glamour to any bridal look. It's easy to put on and the result is a unique and beautiful look that is sure to make you feel like a true bride.

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