How do you keep a veil in place with your hair down?

Secure Elegance: Keeping Your Veil in Place with Hair Down

For brides opting to wear their hair down on their special day, keeping a veil secure while maintaining a flawless look is essential. Here are some tried-and-tested tips to ensure your veil stays in place flawlessly.

1. Use Discreet Hair Accessories:

  • Bobby Pins or Hair Grips: Slide a few discreetly placed bobby pins or hair grips into the hair near the veil's attachment points. These pins can provide added security without being visible.

2. Consider Hair Texture:

  • Texturizing Spray or Hair Spray: Spritz a bit of texturizing spray or hairspray on the area where the veil will be placed. This can add grip and help the comb or pins stay in place more effectively, especially for fine or silky hair.

3. Veil Placement:

  • Secure with Combs or Clips: Ensure your veil has a sturdy comb or clip attachment. Place the comb or clip slightly above or below a natural part in your hair for added stability.

4. Professional Assistance:

  • Consult a Hairstylist: During your hair trial or wedding preparation, consult with your hairstylist. They can provide additional tips and ensure the veil is securely placed while maintaining your desired hairstyle.

5. Practice and Adjustments:

  • Practice Wearing the Veil: Prior to the big day, practice wearing the veil with your hairstyle to test its security. Make any necessary adjustments to ensure it stays in place comfortably.

Wearing your hair down on your wedding day while keeping the veil secure is achievable with the right techniques. At Tessa Kim Bridal, explore an assortment of veils with reliable attachments to ensure a secure fit. By following these tips and selecting the appropriate veil attachment, you'll enjoy a flawless look that remains intact throughout your memorable day.

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