Should you wear blusher veil?

Should You Wear a Blusher Veil? Bridal Considerations

Choosing the perfect bridal veil is a pivotal decision in completing your wedding day look. One of the considerations brides often ponder is whether to wear a blusher veil. This timeless accessory can add an element of tradition and elegance to your ensemble. In this blog post, we'll explore the various factors and considerations to help you decide whether a blusher veil is the right choice for your special day.

The Blusher Veil Tradition

The blusher veil has a rich history of tradition. It's a delicate piece of fabric that is typically worn over the face during the ceremony. Brides traditionally wear the blusher down the aisle, and it's lifted by the groom for the first married kiss. If you're drawn to tradition and the symbolism of this act, a blusher veil might be the perfect choice for you.

Bridal Vision and Theme

Consider your bridal vision and the overall theme of your wedding. A blusher veil can seamlessly complement classic, romantic, and traditional themes. If your vision aligns with these styles, the blusher veil is a beautiful addition that enhances your look.

Face Shape and Features

Your face shape and features play a role in determining whether a blusher veil suits you. Brides with oval or heart-shaped faces often find that a blusher veil frames their features elegantly. It adds an element of mystery and allure, drawing attention to your eyes and smile.

Ceremony Style

The style and formality of your ceremony can also influence your choice. A blusher veil can create a dramatic, impactful moment when lifted by the groom. If you're having a formal or traditional ceremony, it may be the perfect choice.

Comfort and Confidence

Your comfort and confidence are paramount on your wedding day. Some brides may find that the blusher veil adds an element of privacy, making them feel more at ease during the ceremony. However, others may feel restricted or uncomfortable with it over their face.

Veil Alternatives

If you're unsure about the blusher veil but still want a touch of tradition, consider alternatives. Some brides opt for a detachable two-tiered veil, where the blusher can be detached after the ceremony or a single-tier veil without a blusher. These both can offer flexibility in styling and comfort.


The decision of whether to wear a blusher veil is a personal one. It depends on your preference, style, and how it aligns with your bridal vision and theme. Some brides cherish the tradition and symbolism of a blusher veil, while others prefer a more modern or minimalistic look. Ultimately, the key is to feel confident and comfortable on your wedding day. To explore a wide range of veil options, including blusher veils, consider visiting Tessa Kim Bridal, where elegance meets craftsmanship. Whether you choose a blusher veil or an alternative, the goal is to create a bridal look that reflects your unique style and makes you feel stunning on your special day.

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