What is the difference between Italian and French tulle?

Unveiling Tulle: Understanding the Differences Between Italian and French Tulle

Tulle, a delicate fabric, often steals the spotlight in bridal ensembles, adding an ethereal touch to veils and gowns. Among the various types of tulle, Italian and French tulle stand out for their distinct characteristics. Let's delve into the differences between these two exquisite fabrics.

French Tulle:

French tulle is renowned for its fine and lightweight nature. This type of tulle is woven using silk, cotton, or synthetic fibers, resulting in a softer and more pliable material. It's commonly known for its soft drape and elegant feel, making it a popular choice for delicate bridal veils and ethereal gowns. French tulle's fine texture offers a sheer yet luxurious appearance, perfect for creating dreamy, romantic bridal looks.

Italian Tulle:

Conversely, Italian tulle is slightly stiffer and boasts a firmer texture compared to its French counterpart. It's crafted from nylon or polyester and is characterized by its hexagonal mesh pattern. Italian tulle offers more structure and volume, making it ideal for creating fuller skirts or veils with more body. While slightly less delicate than French tulle, Italian tulle is versatile and can be used to achieve both soft and structured bridal looks.

Key Differences:

The primary differences between Italian and French tulle lie in their texture, drape, and production methods. French tulle is softer, finer, and has a more delicate drape, while Italian tulle is slightly stiffer with a more structured appearance due to its hexagonal mesh pattern.

Choosing the Right Tulle:

When selecting between Italian and French tulle for your bridal ensemble, consider the desired look and feel. If you envision a soft, flowing veil or gown with gentle draping, French tulle might be the perfect choice. On the other hand, if you prefer a veil with more volume or structure, Italian tulle could better suit your vision.


Italian and French tulle each possess unique qualities that cater to different bridal styles and preferences. To explore a variety of tulle options and discover which type best complements your bridal vision, consider Tessa Kim Bridal. Offering a range of exquisite veils crafted from Italian and French tulle, Tessa Kim Bridal ensures brides can find the perfect fabric to create their dream bridal ensemble, adding an extra layer of elegance to their special day.

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