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Veil Materials 101: A Guide to Choosing the Perfect Fabric

Your wedding veil is a vital part of your bridal ensemble, and choosing the right fabric is essential for achieving your desired look. Veil materials come in a wide array of options, each with its own unique qualities and characteristics. In this blog post, we will explore different types of veil materials, from traditional options like lace and silk to more modern choices such as illusion tulle and chiffon. Whether you seek elegance, softness, or simplicity, Tessa Kim Bridal offers a diverse range of veil materials to meet your specific preferences.

Russian Veiling/French Veiling

Russian veiling, also known as French veiling, is a fine and delicate material that creates a vintage-inspired look. It is made from a blend of nylon, giving it a soft and airy feel. The open-weave structure of Russian veiling adds a sense of mystery to your bridal look.

Illusion Tulle

Illusion tulle is a lightweight and fine netting that's perfect for creating a subtle and barely-there appearance. It's often used in modern veils due to its soft drape and elegant finish. Illusion tulle can be used to create simple, ethereal veils that complement various wedding gown styles.

Italian Tulle

Italian tulle is a luxurious and soft material known for its drape and movement. It is often chosen for longer veils that flow gracefully behind the bride. Italian tulle has a timeless quality and is an excellent choice for brides looking to achieve a classic and elegant look.

Soft Tulle

Soft tulle, as the name suggests, is a supple and comfortable fabric that falls gently. It is a versatile option that can be used for both traditional and modern veil styles. Its softness and versatility make it a popular choice for various bridal looks.


Lace veils exude timeless romance and intricate beauty. Lace can be applied to different types of tulle or netting, adding a touch of vintage charm to your ensemble. It can be used sparingly for delicate detailing or as a full overlay for a rich, classic look.


Chiffon is a lightweight, sheer fabric that creates an airy and flowing effect. Chiffon veils are perfect for destination weddings or beach ceremonies, where a light and breezy look is desired. The simplicity and softness of chiffon add a touch of elegance to any bridal style.

English Net

English net is a medium-weight material that falls gracefully and creates a soft and textured appearance. It is a versatile choice for veils of various lengths and styles. English net can be used to achieve a classic or bohemian look, depending on its design and placement.


Silk veils are the epitome of luxury and sophistication. They are renowned for their smooth texture and natural sheen. Silk veils are a statement of opulence and are often chosen by brides who want to make a grand entrance on their wedding day.

Selecting the right veil material is a significant part of achieving your desired bridal look. Whether you prefer the soft elegance of illusion tulle, the timeless beauty of lace, the airy feel of chiffon, or the luxury of silk, Tessa Kim Bridal offers a diverse range of veil materials to cater to your specific preferences. The choice of material should align with your wedding style and personal taste, helping you create a breathtaking and memorable bridal look.

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