Should the veil go over or behind your shoulders?

Veil Placement Dilemma: Over or Behind the Shoulders?

One of the age-old questions that many brides face when it comes to wearing a veil is whether it should go over or behind the shoulders. Both options have their merits, and the decision often comes down to personal preference and the style of the wedding ensemble. Let's delve into the considerations to help you determine the best placement for your veil on your special day.

  1. Over the Shoulders:

    • Placing the veil over the shoulders creates a classic and traditional look that frames the bride's silhouette beautifully.
    • This placement allows the veil to cascade down the back, adding a touch of drama and elegance to the overall bridal ensemble.
    • It works particularly well with dresses featuring intricate back details or embellishments, as the veil can enhance and highlight these features.
  2. Behind the Shoulders:

    • Opting to wear the veil behind the shoulders offers a more streamlined and contemporary aesthetic.
    • This placement keeps the focus on the front of the dress, allowing the neckline and bodice to take center stage.
    • It can create a cleaner and more modern silhouette, perfect for brides seeking a minimalist or understated look.
  3. Consider Your Dress and Hairstyle:

    • The style of your wedding dress and hairstyle can influence the decision on veil placement. If your dress has a statement back or if you're wearing your hair up, placing the veil over the shoulders may be the better choice to complement these features.
    • Conversely, if your dress has intricate details at the neckline or if you're wearing your hair down, placing the veil behind the shoulders can create a more cohesive and balanced look.
  4. Personal Preference:

    • Ultimately, the decision on veil placement should align with your personal style and vision for your wedding day.
    • Consider trying both options during your dress fittings to see which placement feels most comfortable and flattering for you.
    • Trust your instincts and choose the option that makes you feel confident and beautiful as you walk down the aisle.

Deciding whether the veil should go over or behind your shoulders is a matter of personal preference and style. Whether you prefer the classic elegance of a veil draped over the shoulders or the modern simplicity of a veil placed behind the shoulders, trust your instincts and choose the option that best complements your dress, hairstyle, and overall bridal look. At Tessa Kim Bridal, explore a stunning selection of veils and accessories designed to enhance your wedding day style with grace and sophistication.

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