Matching Veil Styles with Face Shapes

Veil Selection Guide: Matching Veil Styles with Face Shapes

Finding the perfect veil involves more than just considering the dress; it's also about complementing your unique facial features. Let's explore how different veil styles and lengths can flatter various face shapes, assisting brides in choosing the most flattering options for their special day.

1. Round Face:

  • Best Styles: Elongated veils, such as fingertip or cathedral lengths, work well for round faces. Consider veils with longer lines to create an illusion of length.

2. Oval Face:

  • Versatile Options: Brides with an oval face shape have the advantage of being able to pull off various veil styles effortlessly. From birdcage to chapel-length veils, almost any style complements an oval face.

3. Heart-Shaped Face:

  • Soft Edges: A heart-shaped face benefits from softer, more flowing veil styles. Consider veils that gently frame the face, such as Juliet caps or circular-cut veils.

4. Square Face:

  • Softening Effect: Square faces can be balanced with veils that soften the edges. Mantilla or drop veils, which drape delicately around the face, help soften angular features.

5. Long or Rectangular Face:

  • Width Enhancers: Veils with width or volume, like the Juliet cap or fuller styles, add width to longer faces, creating a harmonious balance.

6. Diamond Face:

  • Avoid Excess Width: Opt for veils that don't add excessive width at the cheekbones. Consider shorter, more refined styles like blushers or circular-cut veils.

Choosing the right veil style involves considering not just the dress but also your unique facial structure. At Tessa Kim Bridal, discover a diverse range of veil styles and lengths, ensuring every bride finds the perfect veil to accentuate her beauty on this special day.

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