Veil Styling Tips

Veil Styling Tips: Enhance Your Bridal Look with the Perfect Placement

Wearing a veil is a beautiful way to add an ethereal touch to your bridal ensemble. To achieve the perfect look, consider these expert tips on how to wear and position your veil based on your unique face shape and chosen hairstyle.

1. Consider Your Face Shape:

  • Round Face: If your face is round, opt for a veil that elongates your features. Try a longer veil style, like a cathedral or chapel length, to create vertical lines and visually lengthen your face.

  • Oval Face: Lucky with an oval-shaped face? Most veil styles will suit you well! Experiment with different lengths and styles to find what you love best.

  • Heart-Shaped Face: For heart-shaped faces, consider a veil that balances your features. A veil with added volume or detailing at the sides can complement your cheekbones and jawline beautifully.

  • Square Face: Soften angular features with a veil that adds softness. A cascading veil or one with gentle draping can soften the corners of your face.

2. Match with Your Hairstyle:

  • Updos: If you're wearing an updo, position the veil slightly higher on the head or secure it just above the bun or chignon. This placement allows the veil to elegantly cascade down the back.

  • Half-Up Styles: For half-up hairstyles, place the veil where the hair is secured. It can be above or below the style, depending on the length of the veil.

  • Hair Down: If you're wearing your hair down, consider a veil that sits lower on the head, perhaps just above the crown or cascading over loose waves for a romantic look.

3. Finding the Perfect Placement:

  • Experiment with positioning before finalizing: Try different placements during your hair trial to ensure you find the most flattering and comfortable position.

  • Secure it properly: Use discreetly placed pins or combs to keep the veil in place without distracting from your overall look.


Choosing the right veil and styling it perfectly can enhance your bridal appearance. At Tessa Kim Bridal, discover an array of veil styles and accessories to complement your face shape and hairstyle. Experimenting with placement and style during your fittings will help you achieve the ideal look for your special day.

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