How do you wear a birdcage veil with short hair?

Wearing a Birdcage Veil with Short Hair

For brides with short hair, styling options may seem limited, but fear not! A birdcage veil can be the perfect accessory to enhance your bridal look and showcase your chic, short hairstyle.

Embrace Your Pixie or Bob:

Short hair exudes confidence and style. Let your pixie cut or bob shine by opting for a birdcage veil that complements its elegance. Ensure the length of the veil doesn't overpower your haircut and instead accentuates its charm.

Secure Placement:

With shorter hair, securing the birdcage veil can be simpler. Place the comb, clip or headband at the back or slightly to the side, accentuating your hairstyle's natural angles and features. Experiment with positioning to find what suits your face shape best.

Consider Fascinators or Hairpins:

If the veil's comb doesn't feel secure enough in short hair, consider using fascinators, hairpins, or small combs to attach the veil. These alternatives can provide better stability and complement your hairstyle beautifully.

Enhance with Accessories:

Adorn the veil with accessories like small flowers, pearls, or crystals to add a touch of elegance. Consider incorporating hairpins or a statement headband to further accentuate your bridal style.

Styling Variations:

With short hair, you have the freedom to experiment with various styling options. Whether it's sleek and polished or tousled and textured, your birdcage veil can effortlessly adapt to your chosen hairstyle.

Veil Length Matters:

For shorter hairstyles, opt for shorter veils. A mini or shoulder-length birdcage veil can be ideal, framing your face and hairdo without overwhelming your look.

Confidence is Key:

Ultimately, wearing a birdcage veil with short hair is about embracing your unique style and feeling confident on your big day. Experiment with different styles until you find the perfect balance that makes you feel beautiful.


Short hair shouldn't limit your bridal choices. Embrace your chic haircut and let a birdcage veil enhance your style on your wedding day. With the right placement, accessories, and confidence, wearing a birdcage veil with short hair can exude elegance and individuality, making you feel every bit the radiant bride you are. To explore a wide range of birdcage veils suited for short hair, head over to Tessa Kim Bridal. Offering an array of headbands, clips, or combs, and the flexibility to customize any veil to fit your specific needs, Tessa Kim Bridal ensures that your short hair can flawlessly carry the elegance of a birdcage veil, adding a touch of sophistication to your bridal look.

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