Wedding headpieces for the minimalist bride Tessa Kim

Wedding headpieces for the minimalist bride

Minimalist brides looking to keep their wedding look simple and elegant often opt for a more understated headpiece. While traditional veils and elaborate tiaras may be too flashy for their taste, there are still plenty of options for adding a touch of glamour to their look. Here are a few wedding headpiece ideas for the minimalist bride:

  1. Headbands: Delicate and dainty headbands are a popular choice for minimalist brides. Choose a headband with a small cluster of pearls or crystals for a touch of sparkle, or go for a simple metal headband for a more modern look.

  2. Hair pins: Another option for the minimalist bride is a single statement hair pin. Choose a pin with a large crystal or pearl for added interest, or opt for a simple metal pin for a more understated look.

  3. Flower crowns: For a bohemian or rustic wedding, a flower crown is a beautiful and natural choice. Choose a crown with just a few blooms for a minimal look, or go for a full crown with a variety of flowers for a more dramatic effect.

  4. Ribbon headbands: For a romantic and ethereal look, consider a ribbon headband. Choose a sheer ribbon in a neutral color for a subtle look, or opt for a bolder color for a pop of color.

No matter which headpiece you choose, the key to keeping it minimalist is to go for something simple and understated. Whether you choose a headband, hair pin, flower crown, or ribbon headband, a minimal headpiece can add just the right touch of glamour to your wedding day look.

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